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Bless you, Catherine would be proud.
Anne <[email protected]>
Halifax, USA - 06/23/02 22:18:09 EDT
Alice McGraw
Kingston, ONT CAN - 06/12/02 23:05:09 EDT
Thanks for such a great website, very inspirational. Keep up the good work. Angelico
MA USA - 04/02/02 12:29:04 EST
I've been to HisMercy about 7 times and what a great place it is and helps so many people. Fred and his volunteers do a wonderful job.
Garry Reddy
Ottawa, Onyario CAN - 12/02/01 18:54:54 EST
Thanks for such a great website, it is very inspirational and thanks for your prayers Fred!
Marty <[email protected]>
Quincy, MA USA - 11/21/01 12:11:32 EST
nice website freddie! :)
marc poitras
USA - 10/24/01 19:00:00 EDT
Hai, dear brother, this is very and great web site. keep up the good work, God bless you all. Sinecrely, Fr. Kiran
Fr. Kiran <[email protected]>
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India - 10/24/01 04:12:57 EDT
very good fred congraadulations on the new drop in center
joe barnaby <[email protected]>
vancouver , british columbia canada - 10/16/01 17:34:08 EDT
I have started a "support group" for Catholic women about modesty in dress. Please spread the word!
Rosary Mom <[email protected]>
- 09/23/01 13:22:06 EDT
Hi, I really enjoyed your site! I hope you will visit mine (www.bedevaartweb.com) as well. Keep up the good work and may God bless you! Marion
Marion <[email protected]>
Hilversum, The Netherlands - 09/21/01 03:23:17 EDT
Wonderful site. I love Jesus & Mary too! They are very real. I have seen Them with my souls eyes xo, Please pray for me to get light as to why I am getting visions of Jesus and The Blessed Mother. Blessings Robin
Robin <[email protected]>
USA - 09/10/01 17:01:58 EDT
Beautiful memories Fred, well done, my heart is with you and your ministry love Ken
Ken Taylor <[email protected]>
Napanee, Ont. Canada - 08/28/01 17:17:17 EDT
Well put together.
Ken Radke <[email protected]>
Ottawa, Ont Canada - 08/18/01 12:42:07 EDT
God Bless you! Keep shining the light of His Mercy on the little ones...
Arlene Mariano <[email protected]>
Warwick, RI USA - 08/17/01 22:20:46 EDT
Just thought I'd sign the guestbook. God bless you!
James Richard
Ottawa, ONT CAN - 08/17/01 11:24:16 EDT
Great site.
Harlod McQuinly
Dallas, Texas USA - 08/17/01 11:19:19 EDT