Gifts of the Magi : Gift Collection


Christmas Gift Collection

by Lillian Maloney


Hi, I am responsible for finding people who are alone at Christmas. I phone hospitals, shelters and other organizations where I talk to grateful social workers who are so glad to be able to give these gifts to the people who need them most. Every year we manage to get gifts to hundreds of people who otherwise would not receive any, people who slip through the cracks of society. This year the need has been even greater.

The recipients of the “Gifts of the Magi” program are people with no family to see at Christmas, people in nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, and in chronic care hospitals. Also we give presents to entire families who are struggling, new immigrants and refugees, poor families with children at CHEO and families in shelters for the homeless.

Donations of gifts may be brought to His Mercy at 1071 Wellington St. The gifts should be wrapped and labeled clearly to show if it is for a:

  • man or woman
  • boy or girl (approximate age)
  • if it is clothing the size should be marked as well
  • attach a personal note or Christmas card to the person you're giving the gift to

Its nice to show the people who are alone in our city that God has not forgotten them. Thankyou and Merry Christmas to you and yours.