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   Messages for World Day of Peace
  First World Day of Peace 1968
  Peace is a Duty 1969
  We Proclaim Peace 1970
  Our word is: Peace 1971
  Civilization, Progress, Order and Brotherhood 1972
  Peace. Yes, of Peace! 1973
  Peace Depends on You Too 1974
  Reconciliation - The Way to Peace 1975
  The Real Weapons of Peace 1976
  If You Want Peace, Defend Life 1977
  No to Violence, Yes to Peace 1978
  To Reach Peace, Teach Peace 1979
  Truth, the Power of Peace 1980
  To Serve Peace, Respect Freedom 1981
  A Gift of God Entrusted to Us! 1982
  Dialogue For Peace, a Challenge for our Time 1983
  From a New Heart, Peace is Born 1984
  Peace and Youth Go Forward Together 1985
  Peace Is a Value With No Frontiers North-South, East-West: Only One Peace 1986
  Development and Solidarity: Two Keys to Peace 1987
  Religious Freedom: Condition For Peace 1988
  To Build Peace, Respect Minorities 1989
  Peace With God the Creator, Peace With All of Creation 1990
  If You Want Peace, Respect the Conscience of Every Person 1991
  Believers United in Building Peace 1992
  If You Want Peace, Reach Out to the Poor 1993
  The Family Creates the Peace of the Human Family 1994
  Women, Teachers of Peace 1995
  Let Us Give Children a Future of Peace 1996
  Offer Forgiveness and Receive Peace 1997
  From the Justice of Each Comes Peace for All 1998
  Respect for Human Rights: The Secret of True Peace 1999
  Peace On Earth To Those Whom God Loves! 2000
  Dialogue Between Cultures for a Civilization of Love and Peace 2001
  No Peace Without Justice; No Justice Without Forgiveness 2002

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