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  Messages for World Communication Day
  Church and Social Communication: First World Communication Day 1967
  Social Communications and the Development of Nations 1968
  Social Communications and the Family 1969
  Social Communications and Youth 1970
  The role of Communications Media in promoting unity among men 1971
  The Media of Social Communications at the Service of Truth 1972
  The Mass Media and the Affirmation and Promotion of Spiritual Values 1973
  Social Communications and Evangelization in Today's World 1974
  The Mass Media and Reconciliation 1975
  Social Communications and the Fundamental Rights and Duties 1976
  Advertising in the Mass Media: Benefits, Dangers, Responsibilities 1977
  The Receiver in Social Communications: Expectations, Rights, and Duties 1978
  Protecting the Child and promoting his best interest in the family and in society 1979
  Social Communications and Family 1980
  Social Communications and Responsible Human Freedom 1981
  Social Communications and the Problems of the Elderly 1982
  Social Communications and the Promotion of Peace 1983
  Social Communication: Instruments of Encounter 1984
  Social Communications for a Christian Promotion of Youth 1985
  Social Communications and the Christian Formation of Public Opinion 1986
  Social Communications at the Service of Justice and Peace 1987
  Social Communications and the Promotion of Solidarity and Fraternity... 1988
  Coping with Computer Culture 1989
  The christian message in a computer culture 1990
  The Communications media and the unity and progress of the human family 1991
  The proclamation of Christ's Message in the Communications media 1992
  Videocassettes and audiocassettes in the formation of culture and of conscience 1993
  Television and the Family 1994
  Cinema: communicator of culture and of values 1995
  Modern Forum for Promoting the Role of Women in Society 1996
  Communicating Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Life 1997
  Sustained by the Spirit, communicate hope 1998
  Mass media: a friendly companion for those in search of the Father 1999
  Proclaiming Christ in the Media at the Dawn of the New Millennium 2000
  The Gospel in the Age of Global Communication 2001
  Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel 2001

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