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Prophecies and Revelations by St.Bridget of Sweden
The First Apology of Justin by Justin, Martyr
The Second Apology of Justin for the Christians by Justin, Martyr
Justin's Hortatory Address to the Greeks by Justin, Martyr
The Discourse to the Greeks by Justin, Martyr
Fragments of the lost work of Justin on the Resurrection by Justin, Martyr
The Martyrdom of the Holy Martyrs by Justin, Martyr
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Boethius- Anicius Manilus Severinus - The Consolation of Philosophy 629 K
Boethius- Anicius Manilus Severinus - The Trinity 187 K
Boethius- Tracts 332 K
Butler- Lives of the Saints Vol1 2,807 K
Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith- Dominus Jesus 390 K
Dionysius the Areopagite- Divine Names & Mystical Theology 1,127 K
Donne, John- Poems  818 K
Douay Rheims Bible 5,388 K
Eusebius- Church History  4,949 K
Fr.Paul.O.Sullivan- Read me or Rue it 65 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Appetite of Tyranny 72 K
G.K.Chesterton- A Miscellany of Men 207 K
G.K.Chesterton- A Short History of England -1917 242 K
G.K.Chesterton- Alarms and Discursions 319 K
G.K.Chesterton- Eugenics and Other Evils -1922 181 K
G.K.Chesterton- Heretics 248 K
G.K.Chesterton- Manalive 244 K
G.K.Chesterton- Orthodoxy 349 K
G.K.Chesterton- Saint Thomas Aquinas 414 K
G.K.Chesterton- Tales of the Long Bow 251 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Ball and the Cross 336 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Ballad of the White Horse 79 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Catholic and Conversion -1926 96 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Club of Queer Trades 190 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Everlasting Man 544 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Incredulity of Father Brown 285 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Innocence of Father Brown 642 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Man Who Knew Too Much 513 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Man Who Was Thursday 350 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Secret of Father Brown 254 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Superstition of Divorce 91 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Thing -1929 296 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Trees of Pride 104 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Well and the Shallows -1935 282 K
G.K.Chesterton- The Wisdom of Father Brown 302 K
G.K.Chesterton- Tremedous Trifles 332 K
G.K.Chesterton- Usurers and other Essays 131 K
G.K.Chesterton- Whats Wrong With The World 241 K
G.North- Unholy Spirits 4,194 K
HLI- Practical Guide for the Sacrament of Confession 27 K
HLI- This We Believe 296 K
John of Damascus- Exposition of the Faith  3,120 K
Life of St.Ciaran  512 K
Life and Doctrine of St.Catherine of Genoa 301 K
On Contempt For The World, by Eucherius of Lyons 105 K
George Orwell- 1984  395 K
Paine, Thomas- Rights of Man  333 K
Pascal, Blaise- Pensees  593 K
Pontifical Council for Culture- Jesus Christ - The Bearer of the Water of Life  198 K
Pope, Alexander- Poems  777 K
Pope John Paul II- Crossing the Threshold of Hope 1,084 K
Pope John Paul II- The Gospel of Life 277 K
Rev. Raymond G Poulin- Marriage in the Kingdom 626 K
Sermons of the Cure of Ars 367 K
St. Alphonsus de Ligouri- Uniformity with God's Will 95 K
St. Bonaventure- The Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary 356 K
St. Catherine of Siena- The Dialogue 312 K
St.Albert the Great- On Cleaving to God 92 K
St.Anselm- Cur Deus Homo 691 K
St.Anselm- Proslogium Monologium 766 K
St.Athanasius- Contra Gentes and the Life of Anthony 7,811 K
St.Athanasius- On the Incarnation 292 K
St.Augustine- Enchiridion 159 K
St.Augustine- Exposition on the Book of Psalms 11,960 K
St.Augustine- Homilies on the Gospel of John 7,258 K
St.Augustine- City of God and Christian Doctrine 7,477 K
St.Augustine- On the Holy Trinity 6,349 K
St.Augustine- Sermon on the Mount ~ Homilies on the Gospels 5,729 K
St.Augustine- The Confessions 581 K
St.Augustine- The Harmony of the Gospels 1,369 K
St.Augustine- The Enchiridion 159 K
St.Basil the Great- Principal Works 5,475 K
St.Bernard of Clairvaux- On Loving God 161 K
St.Bonaventure- Journey of the mind into God 149 K
St.Bonaventure- Mirror of the Blessed Virgin Mary 371 K
St.Bonaventure- The Mind's Road to God 186 K
St.Bridget(Birgitta) of Sweden- Prophecies and Revelations 2,830 K
St.Catherine of Siena- The Dialogue 366 K
St.Cyprian- I On the Unity of the Church 30 K
St.Cyprian- II On the Fress of Virgins 26 K
St.Cyprian- III On the Lapsed 36 K
St.Cyprian- IV On the Lords Prayer 33 K
St.Cyprian- V An Address to D 28 K
St.Cyprian- VI On the Vanity of Idols 16 K
St.Cyprian- VII On the Mortality 25 K
St.Cyprian- VIII On Works and Alms 28 K
St.Cyprian- IX On Patience 26 K
St.Cyprian- X On Jealousy and Envy.pdf 20 K
St.Cyprian-XI Exhortatoin to Martyrdom 35 K
St.Cyprian- XII Testimonis against the Jews 168 K
St.Cyprian- The Epistles of Cyprian 434 K
St.Cyril of Jerusalem- Catechetical Lectures 6,426 K
St.Francis de Sales- Introduction to the Devout Life 872 K
St.Francis de Sales- Treatise on the Love of God 2,153 K
St.Francis of Assisi-Writings 540 K
St.Gregory of Nyssa- Treatises 5,384 K
St.Ignatius of Loyola- The Spiritual Exercises 180 K
St.Jerome- De Viris Illustribus 4,473 K
St.Jerome- Principal Works 5,159 K
St.John Chrysostom- Homilies on Acts 5,851 K
St.John Chrysostom- Homilies on Corinthians 4,102 K
St.John Chrysostom- Homilies on the Gospel of John 9,349 K
St.John Chrysostom- Homilies on the Gospel of Matthew 4,208 K
St.John Chrysostom- Homilies on Various Epistles 5,199 K
St.John Chrysostom- On the Priesthood 127 K
St.John of the Cross- A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul 370 K
St.John of the Cross- Ascent of Mount Carmel 1,351 K
St.John of the Cross- Dark night of the soul 515 K
St.John of the Cross- The Living Flame of Love 184 K
St.Justin Martyr- The First Apology of Justin 130 K
St.Justin Martyr- The Second Apology of Justin for the Christians 33 K
St.Justin Martyr- Justin's Hortatory Address to the Greeks 97 K
St.Justin Martyr- The Discourse to the Greeks 49 K
St.Justin Martyr- Fragments of the lost work of Justin on the Resurrection 56 K
St.Justin Martyr- The Martyrdom of the Holy Martyrs 23 K
St.Justin Martyr- Justin on the Sole Government of God 35 K
St.Justin Martyr- Dialogue of Justin Philosopher and Martyr, with Trypho 396 K
St.Louis de Montford- Letter to the Friends of the Cross 49 K
St.Louis de Montford- Love of Eternal Wisdom 267 K
St.Louis de Montford- The Secret of Mary 39 K
St.Louis de Montford- The Secret of the Rosary 270 K
St.Louis de Montford- True Devotion to Mary 258 K
St.Louis de Montford- True Devotion 389 K
St.Mochuda- The Life of St. Mochuda of Lismore 82 K
St.Patrick- The Confession 99 K
St.Theresa of Avila- The Life of St.Teresa of Jesus 656 K
St.Theresa of Avila- The Way of Perfection 356 K
St.Therese of Lisieux- Autobiography 483 K
St.Therese of Lisieux- Counsels and Reminiscences 412 K
St.Therese of Lisieux- Letters 654 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- Catena Aurea The Gospel of Mark 925 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- De Aeternitate Mundi 27 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- De ente et Essentia 60 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- On Being and Essence 40 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- On the Eternity of the World 19 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- Summa Theologica 15,305 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- The Catechetical Instructions 540 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- The Gospel of Matthew 2,459 K
St.Thomas Aquinas- The Summa Contra Gentiles 2,570 K
Tertullian- A Treatise on the Soul 252 K
Tertullian- Ad Martyras 17 K
Tertullian- Ad Nationes Book I 83 K
Tertullian- Ad Nationes Book II 83 K
Tertullian- Against all Heresies 26 K
Tertullian- Against Hermogenes 137 K
Tertullian- Against Praxeas 163 K
Tertullian- Against the Valentinians 121 K
Tertullian- An Answer to the Jews 76 K
Tertullian- De Fuga in Persecutione 35 K
Tertullian- II. On the Apparel of Women 71 K
Tertullian- III. On the Veiling of Virgins 60 K
Tertullian- IV. To His Wife 54 K
Tertullian- V. Exhortation to Chastity 46 K
Tertullian- VI. On Monogamy 70 K
Tertullian- Of Patience 54 K
Tertullian- On Baptism 59 K
Tertullian- On Fasting 66 K
Tertullian- On Idolatry 74 K
Tertullian- On Modesty 165 K
Tertullian- On Prayer 61 K
Tertullian- On Repentance 52 K
Tertullian- On the Flesh of Christ 111 K
Tertullian- On the Pallium 37 K
Tertullian- On the Resurrection of the Flesh  261 K
Tertullian- Scorpiace 61 K
Tertullian- Spectacles  67 K
Tertullian- The Apology  152 K
Tertullian- The Chaplet or De Corona 47 K
Tertullian- The Passion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas 45 K
Tertullian- The Prescription Against Heretics 170 K
Tertullian- The Shows or De Spectculis 57 K
Tertullian- The Souls Testimony  25 K
Tertullian- To Scapula 21 K
The Baltimore Catechism 869 K
The Catechism of St. Pope Pius X 572 K
The HisMercy Catholic Cathecism Ebook 1248 K
The Catholic Church and Conversion 155 K
The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Bl. Anna Katharina Emmerick 762 K
The Enchiridion of Indulgences 144 K
The Holy Rule of St. Benedict 140 K
The Prophetic Call by Art Katz 255 K
The Life of St.Nicholas the Wonderworker 199 K
The Sermons of St.Anthony 1,520 K
Thomas A Kempis- The Imitation of Christ 649 K
Thomas More- Utopia 436 K
EustaceMullens- World Order 600 K