His Mercy: Donate

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

On behalf of Our Lady of His Mercy family in Ottawa, I thank you for your on-going, generous support in the work of His Mercy among us - a saving work. By your support you have become co-missionaries with us bringing ‘GOOD NEWS to the poor, healing the broken hearted and setting captives free’. Together in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we are serving and healing broken, homeless hearts. Every heart needs a home and family, a place to belong, a place to be loved and to love, a place to be heard and respected, a place to feel free, safe, forgiven and healed. Thank you for all the ways you help sustain this ‘Nazareth home’ of friendship for all those who come seeking help. Through your works of mercy with us, by your faith in action, your charitable sacrifices, prayers and donations, God’s miracles keep happening here in the home of His Heart on the street.

May Our Heavenly Father, The Father of Mercies and The Father of the poor, supply all your needs for remembering ‘the disadvantaged’. May Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Divine Mercy and Lover of Mankind, reveal to you how rich you are indeed for recognizing Him guised in His beloved poor. May The Most Holy Trinity through Our Lady of His Mercy grant you, pardon, peace and protection and obtain salvation for all your family. As our benefactors, you remain in our daily petitions and in all the spiritual benefits of the apostolate..

Your Charitable Donation can be made to the name of:

Our Lady of His Mercy
1071 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y2Y2

(A tax-deductible receipt will be issued to you…)

Gratefully Yours,
Fred Schubert -Director